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My Profile in Business Development Report

The personalized business developer profile report responds to the following questions :

  • In your business dealings, are you more internal or external?
  • Which of the four types of business developer (reactive, relational, strategic and prospective), best characterize you?
  • Are you more active or passive with respect to business development?
  • Which key behaviours best apply to you?
  • What are your personal development priorities?

Example of a business developer profile report (PDF)

Cost:  125 $ CA plus applicable taxes

Complete the business developer profile questionnaire

Self-study guide on best practices in 12 key behaviours in business development

Capitalize on your strengths! An easy to use, concrete and practical self-study guide sums up the best practices in real business development situations for each of the 12 key behaviours. The guide is structured as follows :

  • Challenges and issues in business development situations.
  • What can be done to improve or build on these 12 key behaviours?
  • Few typical situations for each of the key behaviours.

Example of a self-study guide on best practices (PDF)

Cost: 85 $ CA plus applicable taxes

Business development game plan template

A business development game plan, a priority!

This easy to use tool is based on the nine sources of new business for professionals working in private practice. With this template, you will be able to plan your annual business development activities on a monthly basis.

Example of a business development game plan template (PDF)

Cost: 55 $ CA plus applicable taxes