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B2B Talents,

a tool to improve business development skills for professional services, can add value to the services you currently offer to your clients.

If you are a consultant working alone or in a consulting firm specializing in B2B business strategies, our company offers you the possibility of adding B2B Talents to your current range of services. By becoming a partner, you add to the quality of your service offering :

Credibility :

B2B Talents is a tool exclusively designed for the professional services sector. It is based on the following :

  • A high number of in-depth individual interviews with users of external professional services.
  • Marketing research.
  • Observation of best practices in real business development situations.
  • A large number of questionnaires completed and validated.
  • Feedback from professionals about their own results.
  • Correlation of report results with real results in business development.

Support :

We interact regularly with our partners and provide them with rapid, efficient and professional service. We support our partners by responding to all their questions, suggesting best practices and listening to their suggestions for improvement.

Management report for all of your clientele :

We generate a summary management report for all of our clients in a number of formats :

  • Active profiles in descending order.
  • By a group of practice or service.
  • Etc.

Profitability :

We advise you on the best rates according to your type of activity: presentation of reports, training in best practices, coaching in action, etc. B2B Talents adds value to your services and is profitable for you.

Up-to-date statistics :

We generate statistical results on all respondents by market, type of clientele, behaviour, etc. These results provide a holistic view that enables you to enter into more in-depth strategic discussions with your clients.

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